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Hotfix 1.02

Today’s hotfix addresses a number of quick fixes for reported bugs and localization issues. It also adds logging to help us track down crashes. Your 21:9 support is here too!

We will continue to work on the top community issues that will take a bit more time to address (save games, AI, saving option settings, art glitches, crashes, player movement and performance, etc.).

FYI – If you are experiencing crashes, please make sure your drivers are all up to date AND verify your files via steam.
Go to the game in your Library > RIGHT CLICK > Properties > local Files Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Files

You can see the entire list of today’s changes below.

Hotfix 1.02

* Russian text previously displayed missing text as blocks. This has been fixed.

* Subtitles were added in the intro sequence for certain languages (French, Chinese, etc).

* Partial French VO has been removed.

* Faction Influences have been adjusted so more is gained from Side Bounties and the total required to unite the factions is lower.

* Item names and descriptions have been updated in Japanese.

* Additional monitor aspect ratio support added, like 21:9 (note that the UI may stretch in certain areas).

* Player spellbook entries are preserved between levels.

* Fixed issue where a pile of items incorrectly spawned at the start of some levels.

* Player sound effects removed between loading screens.

* In-Game Language choice preserved between play sessions. (Note that the Graffiti on walls will remain in the original language until you enter a new level).

* MAGIC FIST spell now visibly causes an impact reaction on enemies.

* Added more logging to help gather data on crash bugs

November 16, 2018 1:47 am